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    As a Real Estate agent, I love my territory I have a genuine interest in fulfilling the wants, and goals of my clients I feel I am a true ally when it comes to the purchase or sale of one’s home. I am lifelong resident of Florida in Pinellas County, I offer in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, as well as of the area’s schools, services, cultural and recreational activities. In addition, to my enthusiasm for helping people find or sell their homes I handle each transaction the same whether the transaction is for $100 thousand or $100 million. I’m not doing this solely for the commissions, I truly enjoy the work. That makes me fortunate, of course, but it is also fortunate for my clients because they can see that I’m dedicated to their best interests, including being driven to optimize their investment, rather than to my own financial gains.

    I acquired my passion for homes and real estate at an early age. I come from a family that are investors who regularly purchase, sell and rent homes, and my cousin was a talented contractor who built them. Exploring Pinellas County and its numerous communities, researching their varied characteristics, and also perusing the real estate had long been my hobby. As a Realtor, I have seen my hobbies and passion combine to become my career.

    My clients and colleagues alike appreciate my honesty, integrity, organizational skills, and ability to negotiate win-win transactions. I am also known for my intuition and compassion, which translate into my natural ability to put clients first, and to a dedication to giving back to the community. I also have a back ground in technology with a master’s degree in Computer Science which helps navigate the technical side that real estate has become. I enjoy helping families relocate to Florida and specialize in the Pinellas County area. I genuinely love real estate and helping people fulfill their dreams! I can’t see myself ever doing anything else.

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    Chris Holdridge
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