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Andrea Milner

Andrea, a California native, is a dedicated and knowledgeable real estate agent with a
passion for helping people. Her extensive experience in the real estate industry, dating
back to 2006, reflects her commitment to her clients and her profession. Andrea's
qualifications include certification in short sales and a master's degree in industrial
organizational psychology, which equips her with valuable insights into the human
aspect of real estate transactions.
One of Andrea's standout qualities is her unwavering enthusiasm and professionalism.
She approaches her work with a sense of joy, bringing happiness, life, and love to every
interaction. Her commitment to maintaining high standards of excellence ensures that
she represents each client exceptionally well.
What sets Andrea apart is her dedication to every client, regardless of the size or
complexity of the transaction. She places a strong emphasis on client satisfaction and
upholds values like integrity, understanding, and being well-informed throughout the
real estate process.
If you choose Andrea as your real estate agent, you can expect to gain a wealth of
knowledge and insights into the homebuying process. She is committed to ensuring
clarity and transparency in every step of the sale or purchase of your home.
If you're in need of a real estate agent don't hesitate to give Andrea a call. She is ready
and eager to assist you with all your real estate needs, and her dedication to client
satisfaction and professionalism make her a stand-out choice in the industry.

Andrea Milner
Dalton Wade Real Estate Group

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