Micah Lofholm Slutsky

    O: 262.366.9114

    - Renovates and fixes investment properties, and works as a sales associate to find rental properties to buy.

    - Negotiates purchase prices with several banks, and submits contract purchase prices based on findings.

    - Proven ability in locating distressed properties, and performs preliminary inspections for repairs.

    - Renovated properties according to code/compliance, and markets/shows properties

    - Counter top renovation

    - Fully responsible for establishing a countertop restoration business- signature design.

    - Provides leadership in installing epoxy countertop application.

    - From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    -Educated at Catholic Memorial High and University of Wisconsin

    Micah Lofholm Slutsky
    Office: 262.366.9114
    Dalton Wade Real Estate Group - St. Petersburg
    600 1st Avenue North Suite 303 A
    St. Petersburg, FL 33701
    Phone: 262.366.9114

    Micah Lofholm Slutsky

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