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More 2017 Trends

New Year, new President…

What types of trends should we be expecting this year?

A major portion of purchases will come from millennials or boomers. Millennials are starting to settle down, as they’re reaching their 30’s and Boomers are looking to retire and move to warmer climates in most cases.

The value of homes will be increasing.

Suburbs become increasingly popular. The high cost of cities are driving people to look at more cost-effective options. (Especially those millennials, who are settling down and having children.)

A trend toward the purchase of smaller homes being built near cities for affordability of mortgage and transportation is also expected by analysts this year.

Mortgage rates will continue to climb in the next year. According to the Federal Reserve, three more increases will likely happen in 2017.

See more information on other trends to expect in the coming month within this CBS Marketwatch article.

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