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Monthly Archives: December 2021

    16 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Lender

    By Michelle Kohn Agent Care Liaison | December 28, 2021

    Loan terms, rates and products can vary significantly from one lending company to the next. Plus, how do you handle closings in the age of COVID-19? General questions: What are the most popular mortgages you offer? Why are they so popular? Are your rates, terms, fees and closing costs negotiable? Do you offer discounts for... Read More

    11 Home Features That Help You Sell Faster

    By Michelle Kohn Agent Care Liaison | December 21, 2021

    Thinking of upgrading your home before you sell? Here are the features buyers want most. 92% Laundry Room 90% Energy Star Appliances and Windows 90% Exterior Lighting 86% Patio 86% Cooling Fans 83% Full Bath on Main Level 82% Hardwood Floors on Main Level 81% Storage Space 81% More Insulation than Required by Code 80%... Read More

    6 Tips for Pet Owners Selling Their House

    By Michelle Kohn Agent Care Liaison | December 14, 2021

    When selling your home, Fido shouldn’t be seen … or smelled. Here are the top recommendations Realtors® make to pet-owning clients putting their house on the market (in order of most-suggested):  1. Take animal out of home for showings (78%) 2. Replacing anything damaged by pet (72%) 3. Cleaning home to remove animal scent (70%)... Read More

    Remodeling Projects With The Greatest Return

    By Michelle Kohn Agent Care Liaison | December 8, 2021

    Which remodeling projects will pick up the greatest return when a home is sold? Remodeling Magazine asked Real Estate professionals, and here are their estimates for the South Atlantic States. 94% Manufactured Stone Veneer 88.7% Garage Door Replacement 80.5% Siding Replacement (fiber-cement) 77% Deck Addition (wood) 76% Siding Replacement (Vinyl) 76.3% Minor Kitchen Remodel 73.2%... Read More

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