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Breaking Down The Three Major Fears of Buying a Home

We’re hearing feedback from people who have concerns about buying a home.  Here, we will address a couple of those top concerns and share some guidance on why you shouldn’t be worrying!

But renting is just so much more secure. — Of course, renting means you do not have to stay within one place for longer than you want, or “locked in”, as we have heard people say before… However, you are not building any equity over time, you’re not receiving tax deductions that come along with home ownership and if you’re renting month to month, it’s not really “secure” in a sense that you could be out of a home at any time (with 30 day notice), when your landlord decides to make a change. With the right guidance, home ownership could be the right option for you and your security!

What if I buy a home  and it becomes a “money pit?” — There’s no reason this should happen. We will connect you with the right home inspector to ensure everything is working properly and there are no major issues coming down the line. Home inspections and have the right contact to do so will help you feel much more secure in your purchase and if something comes up in the inspection that you’re not comfortable with, we can look to have it fixed, or request a price drop to allow you to fix an issue, with your preferred contacts. If that is not an option, we will view other houses within your budget until you find your perfect place.

What if I cannot afford it? — The best way for you to ensure you will comfortably afford a property is to speak with one of our fantastic lender contacts. No only will they help identify a price that is within your range, they can also work to assist you in getting additional first-time buying support, or other special loans, when applicable.

That being said, if you have other concerns or questions you’d like to discuss, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will help guide you in the right direction!




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