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Curb Appeal- For what it’s worth…

It’s a no-brainer but it’s worth taking some time to think about, and to re-invent: the art of curb appeal. Never under estimate the power in a few changes to increase curb appeal and make selling your home faster than you could possibly imagine. Yes, it happens – and yes, it works. As the years go by, buyers are looking for particular things, but these top 5 curb appeal fixes will always stand the test of time:

Even Edward Scissorhands (1990) knew the value of curb appeal…
  1. TREES/PLANTS:  Symmetrical planters, basic shrub and tree trimming does wonders. It’s worth even having large trees removed that interfere with electric wires- especially during storms. They key is to have colorful landscaping that enhances your home, and doesn’t hide it. The neater the outside, the better. Planting colorful, vibrant flowers makes the outside not only charming but also inviting.
  2. LAWN: A perfectly manicured lawn speaks volumes.
  3. Painting the House– Painting the trim provides an updated, modern appearance and costs less than painting the entire home.
  4. Roof & Gutters: Don’t overlook these. They are perhaps the important – if your home needs a roof replacement now is the time. Buyers will see a questionable roof as a red flag. If you do not need a new roof, make sure everything is cleaned up and gutters are clear.
  5. Invest in An Outdoor Living Space: When a buyer tours the home, creating an outdoor living space within your yard, makes them picture themselves there. It’s such a draw, and so desirable to have. The patio area should not only have furniture that is new, the area should be very clean, power-washed with bright planters and lots of flowers. If you’re going to try to sell your home, and you have the space for outdoor living of any kind – it’s worth it to make a bit of an investment here. Buyers see these spaces as a “MUST” when they are home shopping.

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