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Donʻt Be Duped by These Myths About Buying a Condo!

Condos and townhomes are excellent real estate choices for busy homeowners for several reasons. First of all, they’re maintenance free. In today’s busy society, who has time to mow the lawn every week? (Not to mention the hedge-trimming, mulching, and treating for insects.) Secondly, condos and townhomes are generally more affordable than single-family homes. For home buyers looking to save some cash, condos are a good way to go. Thirdly, condos and townhomes tend to be located closer to the action (whether thatʻs work, the gym, or your favorite restaurants).

But regardless of all of the perks of maintenance-free living, if you have ever considered buying a condo, it’s doubtless that you have also heard a few of these classic myths:

Myth Number 1

“Condos are only for retirees.”

While it’s true that Florida boasts its fair share of 55+ communities, don’t be duped into believing that all condos are for retirees. Now more than ever, career-aged home buyers are seeking after condos for their convenience and affordability. Why work all week, only to spend your Saturdays doing chores? Buying a condo will set you up for greater weekend success, and allow you to use your time off for doing the things you actually want to do.

Myth Number 2

“You can’t raise a family in a condo.”

Raise a family in a condo

Admittedly, many of us have priceless memories of childhoods spent playing outside in the backyard, or running over to the neighbor’s house for a game of kickball. If you’re raising children, you may be tempted to try and recreate those great memories for them. But don’t forget that it’s okay to form new memories too! Raising your kids in a condo or townhome has lots of perks. First, keep in mind that in a single family home, yard work is a time-consuming reality. Condos free you up to actually spend time with your kids. Secondly, condo communities tend to be more tight-knit than other neighborhoods, which means that making local friends might actually be easier for your kids in a condo! Lastly, many condos come with added amenities such as swimming pools and playgrounds that make family time a breeze. 

Myth Number 3

“HOAs are the worst thing ever.”

Let’s get this reality out of the way. Bad HOAs do exist. From the under-funded / under-insured to the head-scratching “What exactly are they doing with our fees, since we haven’t seen lawn maintenance in over a month?” types… the reality is that some HOAs are poorly-managed. But don’t assume that all HOAs are the same. A little bit of research goes a long way towards finding the perfect HOA-managed community for you. Try talking to some of the neighbors before making an offer, and ask if the HOA has lived up to their expectations. Ask to meet the community leadership, and make sure that they represent your needs and preferences. Ensure that you have read and understood each of the bylaws before making an offer. Remember that a well-managed HOA is designed to serve the resident. Living in a well-managed community is an abundant, relaxed, and secure lifestyle! 

Despite the numerous myths about condo living, condo and townhome residents can’t deny that the maintenance free lifestyle is liberating, secure, and a perfect fit for the busy professional! Check out the Dalton Wade website to view condo listings in Florida.

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