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Going Solar? Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s priceless – capturing the power of the sun

Imagine if you could reduce or eliminate your energy bill. Yes, this is the stuff that dreams are made of…Imagine being able to eliminate that energy bill all together! Experts say, “Even if you live somewhere cloudy, such locations typically receive more than two hours of sunlight per day, while sunny locations receive an average of 5.5 hours of sunlight per day.” What does that mean? Energy. Energy – Indirect, or diffused will contribute to powering up your home. That’s the power of going solar. But how does Solar Energy affect Florida homes? According to Ecowatch, “Florida is one of the most solar-friendly states in the country — second only to Texas and California — providing homeowners with plenty of financial incentives and an abundance of direct sunlight for energy production.Still, residents of the Sunshine State pay an average of $29,095 for solar panels before the federal tax credit, which seems prohibitively expensive to many homeowners.” So, what would having solar panels actually cost you, and is it worth it? Ecowatch tells us the price of solar in Florida is around $2.53 per watt. Most homeowners need an 11.5-kilowatt solar power system to offset electric rates, this takes us to $29,095 for panels in Florida, ($20,366 after the 30% federal solar tax credit). The thing about solar panels is that they actually pay for themselves over time – especially in high energy use areas. Speaking of taxes, the tax credit is also worth considering.  Solar Renewable Energy Credits are a performance-based solar incentive that allow you (the homeowner) to earn additional income from solar electricity generation. Not too bad. Installers may offer a no-cost installation. Residential solar installations continue to grow in Florida and Florida is also home to the most solar employees in the country, according to EcoWatch and “ranks fifth in the nation in terms of solar industry growth.”

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