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Home for the Holidays

Home For The Holidays – 10 Celebrities That Call Florida Home 

According to data from Hopper, 54 million people are expected to catch flights between Dec. 18 and Jan. 3. Here are a few celebrities and icons that call our state home. Who knows, maybe you’ll be catching a flight or some rays with them while enjoying Christmas break….

1.) Rocky aka Sylvester Stallone. He and wife Jennifer Flavin purchased their waterfront compound in Palm Beach, Florida, for $35.37 million. 

2.) Tennis Icon, the incredible Serena Williams, might have homes all over the world, but she favors her residence in Jupiter. 

3.) Do you love Sarasota? So does Jerry Springer. He has called Sarasota home for over 20 years. 

4.) John Travolta loves Florida for the Jumbolair Aviation Estates which is near Ocala. As a pilot, having planes in his backyard is top priority. 

5.) Gloria and Emilio Estefan love Miami as much as you do. The 7,988-square-foot home on 1.34 acres at One Star Island sold in 2021 for 35 million.

6.) Tom Brady. Need we say more? Tampa Bay will never be the same! 

7.) If you’re driving around Palm Beach, you might run into Rod Stewart on the beach. South Ocean Boulevard is where it’s at. 

8.) This list wouldn’t be the same without including Vanilla Ice. He has even made a TV show about his Wellington home.

9.) The Rock- Dwayne Johnson’s estate in Southwest Ranches, Florida. Did you know he played football for U Miami?

10.) Last but not least, Flo Rida, in the 305. The Rapper even has a Miami Heat themed basket court. Now that’s some Florida love!

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