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Home Renovations in A Post-COVID World: What You Should Know about Sustainability and Design

Home Renovations In A Post-COVID World: What You Should Know about Sustainability and Design

If living in a pandemic world has taught us anything, it has certainly made us rethink choices, and how they will affect us later – especially in our homes. The last thing as a home owner you want to do, is center your design and/or renovations in and around trends. Contractors, builders and interior designers alike know that quality and concepts that are smart will surely stand the test of time. Months away from 2022, we are learning that more and more offices have still not returned fully in person. Remote work, working from home is still very much a thing. Let’s start with space. Multi-functional space is key for so many reasons. According to “Single-use spaces seem to be a thing of the past. In the light of architectural strides and design, we expect interior design trends in 2022 to feature nifty ideas on multifunctional rooms. Make the most of every nook and cranny with clean and innovative room-dividing tactics.” To compliment multi-function a more minimalist approach when it comes to design supports a space that is clutter-free and smarter when it comes to appliances, storage and function. New decor trends makes it very clear, “Rejection of unnecessary details in favor of functionality is the trend of the year.” If you think back on decades of almost laughable trends in design – think 1970’s decor – we’ve streamlined to still be creative but omit walls, islands, and kitchen appliances that are just taking up space. Space is key to peace of mind in an otherwise stressful and chaotic state of the world. Enhancing livability is the goal. If you’re working from home, and have to work out of your kitchen, it will be nice to have space to walk free, plug in electronics and make the space itself as versatile as possible. If minimalism is the theme, then sustainability is the force behind that theme in order for it to make sense and work. Materials such as lumber are at an all-time high. Folks are considering costs and trying to decide what’s best when executing the design with contractors. Sustainable materials are where it is at. Getting rid of plastic is a great way to start. Large windows and maximizing glass are ways to create open spaces very easily. “Recycled, reused, or from certified sustainable sources. This category is vast and includes reclaimed wood, bio-glass, recycled metal, and jute” are all suggestions by If you have a multi-functional space, then furniture that supports not only this design but also fits the purpose behind the style is a must. Accent tables that can support technology and tech accessories, multi-cornered couches and more of a casual, yet intimate gathering area where all of these pieces just, “fit” is the vibe.

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