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Home Staging Efforts That Hurt Home Value

Home Staging Efforts That Hurt Home Value

Home Staging can make or break the value and appeal of your home. Don’t overlook these key factors that increase value and help get your home SOLD.

PAINT and LIGHTS – Fresh paint and light fixtures are the key aspects to bringing a home back to life, into modern times. A new light fixture can take years off the look of a home and add so much value. These are changes are that are often overlooked. You may not think, “Oh, we need better lighting here or there” but that’s exactly where your mind should be – putting yourself in the shoes of the person who is seeing your space for the very first time. The atmosphere is everything! Lighting sets the entire mood and if the lighting is old or looks old, that will set a mood of something a buyer should skip.

WALLPAPER – Do you have some old wallpaper up in a room? According to Robert Malmberg, founder and designer of Malmberg Studio in Pensacola, “Take note of the room’s natural light and temperature. If there is lots of ambient window light, it’s safer to use a wide range of colors from light to dark. Lots of natural light will make the darker papers feel way less brooding. Be mindful of the rooms where there is little or no window light, as the darker or moodier papers can create a cavelike scenario. Sometimes this may be intentional, but it’s worth being conscious.”

ART – Art matters! If the art work in the home is too polarizing, too specific to a certain taste or style, this can ultimately turn buyers away. Even though the new homeowners won’t have your art or the art for the staging up, it is wise to stick to something neutral in subject matter or avoid art all together. They will associate a certain art piece with the first impression upon entering the home. Consult with a designer friend on something that adds warmth but isn’t too bold.

Furniture Arrangement – Did you know? Furniture against the walls is actually something to avoid. You want to create a warm, conversational setting. Design experts agree that creating the idea of more open space, by placing furniture in the center of the room, helps define the space, giving potential buyers a concept of how they will feel living there. 

SCENT – YIKES! Scent can be a dealbreaker. Too overwhelming? A big turn off as it is a major distraction. It’s best to stick to fresh air: Think..Open windows and maybe, just maybe, a slight and sophisticated yet understated candle if you must have a smell. 

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