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Interior Design Trends You’ll Only Find in Florida

Here at Dalton Wade, we’re all about real estate. But sometimes we like to have some fun and touch on topics that will help you enjoy your new Florida home to its fullest extent.

…Interior design, for example! 

It’s no secret that Florida homes can enjoy a decorating style that you might not see as often in other parts of the country. So why not take advantage of these Florida trends, and have your home looking like a vacation getaway that you never have to leave? 

Take Advantage of the Light

Florida isn’t known as “The Sunshine State” for nothing. If you’re living in Florida, chances are you’ve got plenty of natural light to work with in decorating your home. We love seeing homes painted with light colors that reflect the sunlight and make the most of it! 

…While on the topic of natural light, we suggest being strategic with your window treatments. Sheer fabrics will allow the sunlight to spill into a room when desired… but don’t forget that you might want to have a more translucent window treatment that can be left open, or closed for privacy.

Bright Colors

Colors are in! Even if you didn’t feel bold enough to use bright hues in your “up north” home, living in Florida gives you the excuse to let your personality shine. …And don’t feel limited to ocean blues and greens! Any bright color is acceptable, as long as it’s tastefully arranged.

Luxurious Comfort

We all went through the “minimalism” phase at some point in the 2010s. But styles are continuously rotating, and we’re seeing homeowners start to fill their spaces again with items that bring them happiness. Filling a room with items of genuine personal importance not only adds personality to your space, but also brings “conversation starters” into your home. …But we do emphasize “genuine” in order to draw the line on the tidy side of clutter.

As always – when it comes to home decorating, do what makes you feel at home! Home decor magazines and blogs (including this one) won’t be living in your home. …You will. So design your space around you. 

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