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Seriously Considering a Move to Canada?

With Election Day just days away, we are hearing more and more people — on both sides of the political spectrum — discussing moving to Canada if the candidate they’re voting for does not get selected for the oval office. Before you make any rash decisions about leaving the country, here are a few tips you’ll need to know:

  • Have a job lined up — Find work in Canada, this is imperative to securing your VISA.
  • Be prepared to have a serious amount of immigrations paperwork completed.
  • Customs and day-to-day life is different, for instance —
    • Canada uses the Metric system
    • Brush up on your French — while many people speak English, there are many who prefer to stick with their heritage. It would be wise to learn key phrases quickly.
    • Be prepared to like ketchup on your potato chips and mayo on your fries — it’s a thing.

Of course there are many more differences, as well as a few similarities, too. Check out this article from for some additional insight.

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