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Staging Your Home to Sell!

We are firm believers on setting the right first impression. When someone walks through the doors of the home you are selling, a decision can be made within minutes, if not seconds as to whether or not they are interested. That being said, setting up your home for sale success is crucial. How do we accomplish this? There are many ways to help your home look as attractive as it possibly can to potential buyers. We have outlined six key steps to get you started.

  1. Freshen up your walls– think neutral paint! It is much easier for a buyer to walk into a blank canvas, than walk into something with a dramatic color, which he or she may not find attractive.
  2. Lighting – make sure all the lights are on during open houses. If there’s not enough light in the home, it can be seen as dreary. If needed, purchase a floor lamp or two for extra dark rooms.
  3. Declutter – get rid of anything that is cluttering floor space, counter tops, bathroom sinks, etc. Tastefully thought out minimal is always better than having “stuff” everywhere. This also includes closet space. You know that everyone likes to open the closet doors in the bedrooms, if you have an avalanche of clothes or shoes happening upon opening the doors, it’s time to clear the space!
  4. Depersonalize – remove all of your family photo frames, wooden names and knickknacks. You want a potential buyer to be able to see themselves living in your home and not see who is currently living in the home.
  5. Make your bathroom a spa-like experience – try removing any sort of overdone color accents and replace them with white colors. Zebra print shower curtain or brightly colored floral? Get it out of there! From the shower curtain, to the rugs, to the towels… this look offers a more modern and tranquil feel to the people who are viewing it.
  6. Dinner Party! – Arrange your table with tastefully appointed placemats and dinnerware, as if you were going to be inviting guests over for a dinner event. This oftentimes makes buyers feel more comfortable and at-home, while at the same time, it allows them to foresee inviting guests over for dinner.

Have questions? Need advice? We would be happy to help answer those questions, or put you in touch with a home stager.

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