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Tampa – The No. 1 Relocation Destination For A Reason!

It’s true – Tampa is the number 1 relocation destination for Americans to move to during COVID-19. The Miami Herald notes, “Florida’s popularity is likely due to individuals looking for a warm, outdoor-oriented destination to ward off COVID, Larriva said. Individuals also may be moving up retirement as a result of the pandemic, he said. And Florida’s tax-friendly climate has always made it a popular landing spot. Additional proof is in South Florida’s red-hot real-estate market, where single-family home prices have reached their highest levels since 2007.” The popular Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach area, comes in at No. 4 with Orlando at No. 5.

In June, Forbes noted how unhappy New Yorkers were, after months of COVID-19 life, and how Florida was no longer a second-home destination. It’s now a “place to live” destination…year round! The tri-state area proved to be a scary place during a public health emergency for numerous reasons. Forbes notes, “In 2018 the New York metropolitan area was losing 100 people per day on average, most of it to Florida. Now it is closer to 270 a day.” The high-cost of living and taxes in the northeast isn’t something new and a devastating pandemic certainly brought that to the forefront even more so. If we’re learning anything from this, quality of life is becoming more and more of a priority. 

[Source: Miami Herald, and Forbes, 2020]

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