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The Importance Of Finding The Right Agent – And Sticking With Them!

BEING A FIRST TIME HOMEBUYER (OR BUYING A HOME IN GENERAL) CAN BE SCARY.  At least, it was for me.  Before I became a REALTOR®, my husband and I were first time homebuyers just like everybody else.  I was hesitant for so many reasons – after all, it would be the biggest purchase of our lives to date.  We knew we needed someone experienced to help us through the process, and we were overwhelmed at the thought of finding someone that we liked and truly trusted.


We decided to start out by going to open houses on the weekends.  Very quickly, we met an agent hosting an open house that we knew was the right fit for us and we ended up sticking with her to purchase our home! She taught us everything I wish we had already known, and now that I am an experienced agent I can’t stress how important it is to find an agent you trust and to stick with them.  Once you have that agent, YOUR agent, the process will be so much easier! Remember, we as agents are putting in a lot of time and effort for you to help you find a trusted lender, understand the pre-approval process, show you multiple properties, prepare/submit/negotiate offers on your behalf, assist with inspections/negotiation requests, and coordinate/oversee all efforts between all parties (agents, seller, title, lender etc) on to that end goal – CLOSING!  This is why it is important to stick with an agent once you have found the right one, they will help you navigate the entire process from start to finish and put your mind at ease.  BONUS – a common misconception is that you have to pay your realtor’s commission – most REALTORS® on both sides (buyer and seller agents) get paid out of the seller’s net proceeds!


Now that I am with this company, I am truly honored and proud to say that we here at Dalton Wade Real Estate Group have a team of experienced professional REALTORS® on standby, ready and willing to help you navigate the home buying process.  What are you waiting for? CONTACT US TODAY!


That’s the Dalton Wade Way.

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