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The Importance of Good Photography

Your Dalton Wade Real Estate agent will also serve as your photographer.

Why should you let your realtor take images for the listing?

  • Realtors have an eye for detail
  • They know what has worked in the past
  • They have taken images of hundreds of houses, which have sold

Things to do before the photo shoot:

Clean your space! Dust off all areas, clean glass/mirrors/windows, wash and vacuum flooring and rugs

Remove the clutter! If you have a knickknacks, remove them. Clear out any unnecessary items from the rooms. Nobody needs to see your magnet collection on your fridge, 182 appliances on your countertops, doll collection in the guest room, or sticky decals on the windows. Remove the product stash from your bathroom counter and anything else such as toothbrushes, etc. Think clean, clear and simple!

De-personalize your space! Remove all family photos, monogrammed art and anything that includes a personal representation of the home’s current occupants. It is easier for prospects to view the home as their own and it’s potential when it is clear.

Pet-friends Protocol! Remove cat, dog, animal dishes, toys, beds etc from view. This may be seen as a deterrent to some with allergies or otherwise.

Don’t forget curb appeal! If you have grass, make sure it’s freshly manicured. If you have shrubs aligning your property, make sure they’re trimmed. Remove any children’s toys (mini pools, tricycles, etc.) If you have an outdoor patio, perhaps you want to dress it like people are coming for company, setting the table with dinnerware, etc.

We’d love to chat about this more — reach out to us at with questions or comments.

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