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Top 10 Homeowner Essentials – The 2021 Edition

Whether it is the second or third “new” home you’re calling home, or you’re a first time home buyer, the essentials change with time, and living a post-pandemic world brought on an entire new set of necessities. Time and time again, here’s what we’re putting on our list:

  1. A VERY Good Fire Extinguisher – There are so many hazards in homes that can set fires, and the US Fire Administration guide should be the place you refer to when purchasing one.
  2. Stud finder If these walls could talk, they’d say they are all yours now- so, make holes in them if you’d like!  A stud finder helps when building shelving to make space and get creative with wall art and accessories.
  3. Ladders From storm preparation to gutter cleaning – a ladder is a home owner staple item.
  4. Home Security System – There are so many ways to keep an eye out on your home and protect it while you are away with your smart phone. Investigate a system that is best for you. Some of the BEST home security systems today are: SimpliSafe, ADT, Blue by ADT, Frontpoint, Cove, and Vivint.
  5. Smoke & C02 detectors: Google Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide alarm. This system can tell the difference between steam and smoke. What if you sleep through almost anything? Check out First Alert Micro-Photoelectric Smoke Alarm.
  6. New Door Lock A few favorites: Eufy, Kwikst, Sifely, featuring keyless entry door lock bluetooth enabled. Combine reliability style, and safety all in one.
  7. First Aid Kit It’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit somewhere accessible along with a toolkit.
  8. Smart Thermostat to Save Energy – Control the temperature of your home from your phone.
  9. Lawn mower It’s your lawn now – take care of it!
  10. Don’t forget an extra hidden key..!

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